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Darth Vader’s Guide to Face Masks

Darth Vader’s Guide to Face Masks – Darth Vader wore a mask and he’s wondering what the big deal is … check out this face masks guide. #DarthVader #FaceMasks

Darth Vader’s Guide to Face Masks

This is a creative writing blog post as if I were Darth Vader. Great for Star Wars Day!

Darth Vader's Guide to Face Masks - Darth Vader wore a mask and he’s wondering what the big deal is ... check out this face masks guide. #DarthVader #FaceMasks

Even I wear a mask! So what’s the big deal. I was wearing a face mask before it was cool. I guess you can say I started the trend. Just saying.

Trust me you do not want me to take it off! So when you go on that date with someone, you may not want them to take off their mask either. You may truly get to see something you didn’t want to see!

My mask helps me breathe. How can you all not breathe without them? Which I’m sure that helps protect me from junk in the air.

My voice sounds different when I speak with my mask on. How about you? Wait what’s that? I can’t hear you. You sound muffled.

Did you know that my mask almost was a scarf that would cover my face! Look it up! Neat factoid about Darth Vader.

In order for me to eat with it on, I have to eat a medpack, RepMed, why can’t you do the same to eat while wearing a face mask?

Check out some other famous masks from history!

If you follow my blog at CourageousChristianFather.com, you will know I also like creative writing, just like this blog post.

Star Wars Face Masks

Star Wars Face Masks
  1. Baby Yoda Face Mask
  2. The Child Face Mask
  3. Mandalorian Face Mask
  4. Mandalorian Helmet Face Mask
  5. Star Wars Face Mask 1
  6. Star Wars Face Mask 2
  7. Star Wars Star Wars 3
  8. Star Wars Face Mask 4
  9. Star Wars Face Mask 5
  10. Star Wars Mandalorian Comic Poster Face Mask
  11. Star Wars Sugar Skulls Face Mask

Darth Vaders’s Guide to Face Masks


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