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Table made from an Antique Sewing Machine at The Factory Adventure

Table made from an Antique Sewing Machine at The Factory Adventure in Greeneville, TN.

Table made from an Antique Sewing Machine at The Factory Adventure

Table made from an Antique Sewing Machine at The Factory Adventure in Greeneville, TN.

Dylan Pruitt said they made the sewing machine table from his grandmother’s antique sewing machine parts. They use the bottom pedal part. Pruitt says it suits them since the building they were in was an old sewing facility … Wes-tex (Austex).

About Wes-tex (Austex)

The old Wes-tex plant, also known under the name Austex, was a notable business located in downtown Greeneville, Tennessee. This company, which has been operational for approximately 30 years, primarily engaged in the apparel knitting industry, specifically in the manufacturing of T-shirts and tops³. The plant was situated at 400 W Church St, Greeneville, TN 37745-3277¹.

Table made from an Antique Sewing Machine at The Factory Adventure in Greeneville, TN. Wes-tex

Wes-tex, Inc. was incorporated on May 16, 1994². The company’s principal and registered agent was Wesley C Meade, who played a significant role in its operations². Over the years, Wes-tex, Inc. contributed to the local economy and the apparel manufacturing sector, becoming a part of Greeneville’s industrial history.

Table made from an Antique Sewing Machine at The Factory Adventure in Greeneville, TN.

About The Factory Warehouse?

The Factory Adventure is located at the old Wes-tex building. He said his family has worked at the old factory that use to be in that building.

Greeneville, Tennessee, is a town rich with history and charm, but it’s the recent addition of The Factory Adventure that’s been creating a buzz among locals and visitors alike. This family-friendly entertainment center is a welcome oasis of fun in the heart of Greeneville.

Table made from an Antique Sewing Machine at The Factory Adventure in Greeneville, TN.  Sewing Wes-tex

Grand Opening and What to Expect

The Factory Adventure celebrated its grand opening on June 29, 2024³, marking the culmination of a year’s worth of anticipation and hard work. The facility, located at 400 W Church St², promises to be a haven for kids and adults seeking a break from the mundane.

Steve was able to go to the ribbon cutting of The Factory Adventure on June 28th and that is where he discovered this table made from an antique sewing machine.

Steve was able to go to The Factory Adventure ribbon cutting on June 28th for his main job and that is where he discovered this table made from an antique sewing machine.

A Variety of Activities for All Ages

The Factory Adventure boasts an impressive array of activities. From laser tag battles that get your heart racing to the laughter-filled indoor playground, there’s something for everyone. The center also features table games, making it the perfect spot for a bit of friendly competition.

More Than Just Games

But The Factory Adventure isn’t just about play. It’s about community and providing a space where families can come together. One of the co-owners, Scott Gailey, a former youth pastor, expressed his desire to give the youth of Greeneville a place to go and have fun in a safe environment³.

Phase One of a Bigger Vision

Currently, in phase one, The Factory Adventure has plans to expand its offerings. Two escape rooms and a bouldering wall are set to be added in the coming months³. With an additional 14,000 square feet of space yet to be developed, the possibilities for future fun are endless³.

A Commitment to Growth and Fun

The owners of The Factory Adventure are dedicated to growing alongside Greeneville. They envision a place where new memories are made, and the joy of play is rediscovered. As they look forward to completing the next phases of their project, the excitement within the community is palpable.


The Factory Adventure is more than just a play center; it’s a beacon of joy for Greeneville. It represents the town’s growth and the community’s commitment to providing wholesome entertainment for families. If you’re ever in Greeneville, TN, be sure to stop by The Factory Adventure and experience the fun for yourself!

The Factory Adventure Mission is to:

  • Provide our community with year round active family fun and entertainment, in a wholesome environment, with family affordable prices.
  • Create a fun, team building/ training, venue for local corporate businesses, schools and churches etc.
  • Revitalize an area in downtown Greeneville and employ local youth in a positive encouraging atmosphere while encouraging fitness, confidence and healthy relationships.

If you’re planning a visit or just curious about what The Factory Adventure has to offer, you can check out their website for more information². Whether you’re a local or just passing through, this place is sure to add a dose of excitement to your day!

Learn more about The Factory Warehouse at:

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