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Barn Quilt Blocks: The Picasso of the Countryside

Barn Quilt Blocks: The Picasso of the Countryside – Ah, the humble barn quilt block – because nothing says “I’m serious about my rural aesthetics” like adorning your barn with what looks like a geometrically-challenged Picasso painting. Forget about actual farm work; it’s time to prioritize the artistic aspirations of your livestock.


Barn Day

Barn Day – On this day we celebrate the traditions that have shape our history and heritage. One such tradition, often overlooked in today’s modern society, is Barn Day. This special occasion provides an opportunity to honor the essential role that barns have played in agriculture, community gatherings, and our collective memories. In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of Barn Day, its roots, and the enduring legacy it represents.


Types of Barns

Barns have been a crucial part of farming and agriculture for centuries, serving as a storage facility for crops, shelter for animals, and a workspace for farmers. A barn is a type of agricultural building used primarily to store hay, crops, and equipment. Barns come in various sizes and shapes, each designed to suit the specific needs of the farmer. In this article, we will discuss the different types of barns and their purposes. #barns