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2nd COVID-19 Vaccine Completed

2nd COVID-19 Vaccine Completed – I recently got my 2nd dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine. #COVID19Vaccine #Pfizer

2nd COVID-19 Vaccine Completed

This one was much milder to me than my first one. It just burned and my arm is a little sore. I didn’t really have a metallic taste with this shot like I did the first one either.

2nd COVID-19 Vaccine Completed - I recently got my 2nd dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine. #COVID19Vaccine #Pfizer

The only thing I noticed was that it burned. That burning feeling, reminded me of when I use to get allergy shots at the ENT.

Don’t forget your vaccination card I did I have to come back and bring my vaccination card for them to sign.

My throat felt a little dry and I felt parched just slightly afterward. That is one reason why you also need to stay hydrated afterward.

By the way, you’re not fully vaccinated when you got your second vaccine shot. You’re fully vaccinated two weeks after your second COVID-19 vaccination shot. (Unless you did the one-shot Johson & Johnson, which in that case it’s two weeks after that.)

Both my shots were done at a Walgreens.

Yes! I will still wear my face mask everywhere too!

How was your experience with the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Feel free to share about your experience and which shot you got and which dose it was in the comments. Will you continue to wear a face mask after being vaccinated?


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