Gyro-Cut Pro

Gyro-Cut works like a pen and cuts like a knife

Gyro-Cut works like a pen and cuts like a knife is one of the two claims by Crafty Products who makes this cutting tools. #GyroCut

Gyro-Cut works like a pencil and cuts like a knife

Steve with Steve Sews will see how accurate those two claims are. Does this special design do both claims. Find out on this blog post.

Gyro-Cut works like a pen

Gyro-Cut works like a pen and cuts like a knife is one of the two claims by Crafty Products who makes this cutting tools. Steve with Steve Sews will see how accurate those two claims are. Does this special design do both claims. Find out on this blog post. #GyroCut

Well as you can see the Gyro-Cut Pro does fit in my hand and does hold like a pen. Check Mark ✅

It does feel like a thicker sized pen in my hand. I am partially ambidextrous, meaning I can use both hands do most things. I am primarily right handed. I can write and eat with my left hand but not as well as my right. However, I will only test it with my right hand. I just held it in my left hand.

It did seem to hold like a pen in both of my hands. I still have not yet see. If it glides like a pen when using it as a cutting too. Which now will we see if it answers the second claim … cuts like a knife.

Keep in mind my use will be more for fabric and sewing and not scrapbooking and paper cutting. So your results might vary for your purpose.

Gyro-Cut cuts like a knife

Warning these blades are very sharp! Please use caution when cutting! You do not want to cut yourself. Safety first! Just like with any cutting tool.

Standard Gyro-Cut Blade 15°

Standard Gyro-Cut Blade 15°
Standard Gyro-Cut Blade 15°

A Hardening Steel Blade

Well when it came to cutting paper it fluffed through with ease, however, on fabric, it didn’t cut … I had to use a good bit of pressure and it snagged the fabric. At least on my first try. (Using the Standard blade made for paper 15°) .

Medium Gyro-Cut Blade 30°

Medium Gyro-Cut Blade 30°
Medium Gyro-Cut Blade 30°

A Tungsten Carbine Blade

I didn’t cut paper this time, only the fabric … Mu first attempt was just to cut the fabric and it cut it. It goes seem to cut like if I had a knife going across the fabric. This blade didn’t seem to snag and not too much pressure to do it. Nor did I notice much snagging.

This blade is said to be good for light weight fabrics.

Deep Gyro-Cut Blade 45°

Deep Gyro-Cut Blade 45°

Also a Tungsten Carbine Blade

Again, I only cut the cotton fabric. It did a great job. It didn’t seem to glide too well, but still cut that piece of cotton fabric.

This blade is said to be better for fabrics like leather. Which I don’t have leather to test it out on.

Update: I tied to use all three blades to cut 16 pt card stock type paper, no e did a good job, but the deeper one did better. But cutting with scissors seemed to work better.

How to change the Gyro-Cut blade

Mind you this is on my first attempts, not familiar with it or used it but to test it. I plan to use it more and that might make a difference.

Before you start your project … get familiar with the Gyro-Cut tool. Experiment cutting with it first. Make sure you have the proper blade for the project in mind too.

This one is the sharpest and even punctured the protective silicon protective cap.


Overall, it did hold and seem to work like a pen but with some limitations. It seems a bit harder than the videos I have watched if people demonstrating it. But, they might have used it more and got morr familiar with it. As this post is my first attempt at using it. I do plan to come back and revisit this post or make updated blog post as I get to use it more and become more familiar with it.

More about the Gyro-Cut blade

Gyro-Cut is a brand of cutting tools that uses a unique system of rotating blades to cut through materials such as paper, cardboard, foam, and thin plastics. The blades are mounted on a pen-like handle that allows for precision cutting and intricate designs.

In conclusion

In conclusion, the Gyro-Cut tool does work like a pen and seems to cut like a knife. It just takes some getting use to on how to maneuver the cutting tool. Not to mention, you’ll need the right blade for the right job. Fabrics I say the Medium Cut might be the best. But, I will know more as I keep trying to use this cutting tool.

The Gyro-Cut almost has a concept of using a X-Acto knife. However, the Gyro-Cut can pivot the head 360°, unlike a X-Acto knife.

I did enjoy trying this cutting tool and looking forward to testing it out further. See the list below of all the blog post Steve has done.

Also when I think of precise … I think of able to cut on the line … I wasn’t or seem able to at least not yet … But, I might be able to with practice or come close the more I use this cutting tool.

Now … since I tested both of these claims … Steve will now put this special cutting tool to work and share his experiences along the way. Follow this blog and SteveSews2 on social media to see more.

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Gyro-Cut Pro Tool Posts & Links

10% Discount Offer With This Link

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Gyro-Cut does have some copy cats and cheap replicas. They do however warn you about them and say only use and trust their Gyro-Cut tool. However, Steve hasn’t tried one of the knock offs to know for sure. 

To be clear to my readers … I was given a Gyro-Cut Pro starter kit with extra blades to review and to write blog post and share my experience and reviews on social media. Any reviews are of my own and my honest opinion. 

Gyro-Cut does not recommend their blades to anyone under the age of 10. Adult supervision is recommended. These blades are very small and pose a chocking hazard and can do severe damage if swallowed.

Learn more:

Please share your experience

Please feel free to share in your experiences with the Gyro-Cut tool including any tips and tricks in the use.

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