How to pick fabric

How to pick fabric – I share how I shop and pick the fabric I use for my sewing projects. #SteveZMaskZ #fabric

How to pick fabric

Well I use 100% cotton for my projects. (Face masks, zipper clutches, picket tissue holders, decorative pillows, quilts and much more).

Sample of Bolts of Fabric. | Photo Compliments of FreeImages.com
Sample of Bolts of Fabric. | Photo Compliments of FreeImages.com

I haven’t used flannel, felt, duck cloth, poly-blend, etc. But who knows I might need that type for a future project and if I do, I’ll blog on it. I stick with 100% cotton fabric. I also try to visit and shop for my fabric at local fabric stores. You will find neat fabrics that you won’t find or see at Jo-Ann’s or Hobby Lobby. But, I still ship those two places too.

One thing to think of is what is your topic?

Buy fabrics relating to that topic. For example, my nautical quilt I used all kinds of nautical fabrics. So far my 1st quilt, has 80 nautical panels total. Or if you plan to do a character quilt, stick to fabrics with those characters on it. Like Snoopy, use fabrics that has Snoopy or the other Peanuts gang. The same can go for Star Wars, Marvel, Scooby-Doo or more.

Color schemes, get matching color choices based on those color(s) you are using for that project.

Or just get what you like ???? simple as that! Or what the person likes that you are making the quilt or other project for.

Note: Outdoor Cotton fabric will be more durable and much thicker in most cases. (If you are doing a quilt, face masks, pocket tissue holders, zipper clutches or even decorative pillows – You will want to stick with regular quilting 100% cotton fabric.

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Sometimes I wait and hit up sales when fabric goes on sale. But that all changed with the pandemic, if you don’t buy it when you first see it, you may not see it again.

Another thing to notice that when you use a local fabric store, you will pay more for the fabric. However, as I mentioned you’ll find all kinds of cool fabrics you can’t find elsewhere! Plus too it’s always best to shop local!

If you want to use t-shirt(s). You will need to stabilize it before making a quilt with it.

One thing to note! Stay away from those selling fabric online on Etsy and Ebay, most of them are selling it for 3 to 4 times as much! (Unless you really have to get it and it is the only place you can find that). To me those people doing that is price gauging the fabric. Do your research, see how much it actually cost at a local fabric shop or even big retail fabric store.

I have paid as little as around $4 per yard all the way up to $20 per yard. Your licensed fabric and local fabric stores will be more to the higher price.

How much fabric you buy depends on your project. It is always best to get extra than not enough! Plus, some stores require a certain amount of fabric as well. Those will need to be considered too.

It don’t hurt to check the remnants section too! Often find great deals on that. Or even someone with scrap fabric piles!

What are some tips you use to pick fabric?

Feel free to share your tips or tricks to finding fabric.

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