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Quilt Barn

Quilt Barn, I’m sure you’ve seen Barns and sometimes buildings that have that square quilt pattern on the side of it. So what exactly is a barn quilt? #QuiltBarns #Quilts #BarnQuilt #QuiltBarn

Quilt Barn

So what makes a barn a quilt barn? (barn quilt) Continue to read to find out and see photos of ones I that I have seen!

Barn Quilt, I’m sure you’ve seen Barns and sometimes buildings that have that square quilt pattern on the side of it. So what exactly is a barn quilt? #QuiltBarns #Quilts #BarnQuilt (Echo Valley Corn Maze - Jefferson City, TN)
Echo Valley Corn Maze Quilt Barn (Jefferson City, TN)

A quilt barn (barn quilt) is …

I am sure when you drive around, you have seen a barn or a building that has a quilt block on it. Have you ever wondered more about it? Well, I have now that I have tied to make my first quilt.

One thing they are a way to honor a loved one or even a memory of a loved one with some beautiful artwork. It has been within the last two decades these have gained popularity. The choice of colors and design patterns usually were chosen by the family. The design is usually painted on a piece of plywood. Most of these are around 8 feet by 8 feet. (Some are 4 feet by 8 feet.) Sometimes these quilts are on the outside, but they often can be found on the inside.

Colors of Quilt Barn blocks

Despite colors being chosen by the family, often they also can have meaning ….

  • Blue = protection
  • Green = abundance
  • Red = strength
  • White = purity

quilt barn history

This trend of putting a quilt block pattern on a barn is said to start from a woman named Donna Sue Groves of Adams County, Ohio in 2001. Groves wanted to honor her mother by hanging a painted quilt block on her barn. It then went onto a community project with neighbors and friends also displaying quilt block patterns and by the Ohio Arts Council, that started the first quilt barn trail with 20 quilt blocks on the trail.

Now 20 years later, You can even go on some 43 Barn Quilt Trails in the United States and 3 in Canada, where you can see a series of Barn Quilts. With more popping up.

These quilt block patterns can also be found on or in a public or private building instead of a barn.

A wide variety of people have created these barns with quilt block patterns on them, including quilting guilds, schools, churches, farmers, agriculture clubs, and 4-H clubs.

the crafty reality show “Making It!” Features a barn quilt block on their building where the crafters make all kinds of crafted items.

There are several on TN-92 in Jefferson County & Grainger County, Tennessee. Plus some on 11-W in Grainger County, Tennessee too. These are near me.

Check out this Barn Quilt that’s a sign at the driveway of a home in Barbourville, Kentucky. (Swan Pond Area)

I share my findings on the Downtown Greeneville Follow the Quilt Trail.

Jefferson Elementary School, Jefferson City, TN
Quilt Block Stamp 2016
Quilt Block Stamp 2016

Barn Quilt in Washburn, TN (Photo Credit: Heather Patterson)
Barn Quilt in Washburn, TN (Photo Credit: Heather Patterson)

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