FAQs – Here are some Frequent Answered Questions that I often have to answer about these face masks. #FAQs #SteveSews


FAQs - Here are some Frequent Answered Questions that I often have to answer about these face masks. #FAQs #SteveZMaskZ

Care Instructions

Recommend hand washing face masks as they are handmade. Air dry, as drying can shrink the cotton fabric. If you must wash A face mask in your washing machine. I recommend a mesh bag (lingerie bag).

Sizing Details

Face masks are adult size. I use a 10 inch wide by 8 inch tall fabric. It then gets sewed and pleated. Mine are bigger than most. Usually end up 9-1/4 to 9-1/2 inches wide. Also, I use just over 7 inches of elastic. Remember part of that is also tacked inside. But generally overall my mask fit bigger than others.

When Do You Make Your Sewing Stuff?

Right now I’m making my sewing stuff Monday to Friday after work. Orders are made to
Order, in order received. Unless I had some premade already. I can usually get your order out in the mail within a couple business days. If it might be longer, I will contact you.


Due to the COVID-19 and the nature for which face masks are used for, all sales are final. If there is an issue, please reach out to me about that issue to see where we can go forward to correct that issue.

Verify Shipping Address!

Please verify you put the correct shipping address. I will ship to what your order says. I’m not responsible if you put the wrong address.

Meet Up

I only meet in Jefferson, Hamblen and parts of East Knox county.

2 Layers on Face Masks

I use a total of two layers with each mask. The front which is the design. Then you have a solid back. The back does have a slit in the back so you can use a filter in the mask if you choose to.

Specific Design?

Looking for a specific design face mask? Feel free to contact me and I will see if I can find some material to make that for you.

Larger Quantity?

Need a larger quantity? Feel free to contact me so I can see if I can fullfill that and also change the amount and or create a special listing just for you.

Social Media

I am on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter as SteveSews2. Please feel free to follow me on those. Also, feel free to show off your mask that you ordered from Steve Sews Stuff and use the #SteveSews hashtag. (A Hashtag is popular in social media and uses the “#” symbol.)

Any other Questions?

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me.

Check back, as these FAQs can change without notice and/or more questions added.