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50 Things to make with empty spools of thread

50 Things to make with empty spools of thread – these spools are mostly used for thread, but can be used for other items such as elastic. #EmptySpools #SpoolsofThread

50 Things to make with empty spools of thread

50 Things to make with empty spools of thread - these spools are mostly used for thread, but can be used for other items such as elastic. #EmptySpools #SpoolsofThread

Spools comes in all sorts of material, shapes, sizes and colors. They are very helpful to repurpose or reuse them as crafts.

At the time of this posting, I had 13 elastic spools and 27 thread spools emptied since sewing during the pandemic.

I save my spools of thread and elastic because I know they can be used for crafts. I have a box full of spools that I have saved up.

What is a spool of thread

A spool of thread is a cylinder-shaped object that contains a long, thin, and continuous strand of material, typically made of cotton, silk, or other fibers. Thread is commonly used for sewing, embroidery, and other textile arts, and the spool is the most common form in which thread is sold and stored. The spool typically has two flat ends, with a small hole in the center through which the thread is pulled. The thread is wrapped around the spool in a continuous strand, with the loose end usually tucked into a notch or slot on the edge of the spool to keep it from unraveling. Spools of thread come in a variety of sizes, colors, and types, depending on the specific needs of the user.

Here is what you can make with empty spools of thread

  1. Walking Cane
  2. Fidget quilt (or other fidget items)
  3. Handles for a sewed bowl
  4. Rubber band cars
  5. Donate them to schools or not-for-profits organizations
  6. Sell them
  7. Necklace rack
  8. Snowman decoration
  9. Recycle (most of the plastic ones can be recyled)
  10. Doll house furniture
  11. Gumball decoration
  12. Angel decoration
  13. Dolls
  14. Animals
  15. Pin cushion
  16. Scrolls
  17. Advent calendar

  1. Christmas garland
  2. Photo holders
  3. Jewelry organizer
  4. Scrolls
  5. Reload larger spools of thread to smaller spools
  6. Wreaths
  7. Re-stringing fishing lines
  8. Play dough toys
  9. Stacking toys
  10. Rolling pins
  11. Math solving
  12. Bird toys
  13. Spool beaded curtain
  14. Coffee table
  15. Tassels
  16. Curtain ties

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  1. Drawer handle
  2. Stamping (stamp on the wooden and cork spools)
  3. Hair curlers
  4. Guess the number inside jar
  5. Pulley system
  6. Tree decoration (great for cone shaped spools)
  7. Model houses
  8. Cat toys
  9. Flower pot filler
  10. Hanging hooks (hold up purses, etc.)
  11. Gnomes decor
  12. Spool racers
  13. Buttons (cutting tips, big size off)
  14. Magnets (do it as hole, cut in halves or the tips)
  15. Table Marker (for events)
  16. Keychains
  17. 3D Art (use spools to form shapes like a sewing machine)

What are other things you can make with empty spools of tread?

Feel free to share in the comments below.

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