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Cotton Facts

Cotton Facts here is a list of facts about cotton. #cotton #cottonfacts

Cotton Facts

Over 20 facts about cotton are listed!

Cotton Facts here is a list of facts about cotton. #cotton #cottonfacts
  1. Hold 20 times its weight in water.
  2. Stronger wet than when dry.
  3. Is grown – it is a plant.
  1. All of the plant is used for one thing or another.
  2. Cotton fabric is what is used for bowl cozies, pot holders, rice hand warmers, etc.
  3. The fiber is made up cellulose which is a natural polymer.
  4. Cotton is not pure white it is a tannish color.
  5. The higher the yarn number the finer (thinner and softer) the yarn.
  6. Seeds Are Very Salt-Resistant
  7. Seeds Are Heavily Used In Industrial Pharmaceutical And Chemical Production
  8. 600 count. That number represents the number of yarns per inch of fabric.
  9. Must have to grow for over 200 days.
  10. 4 types of cotton
    1. Egyptian
    2. Pima (America)
    3. Upland
    4. Organic
  11. Pima is the finest
  12. Egyptian is the softest
  13. 6 Most common uses
    1. Clothing
    2. Bedding
    3. Towels
    4. Woven fabrics
    5. Home decor
    6. Cottonseed oil
  14. Arabic origin: kutun’ or ‘qutun (القطن)
  15. 50 Different Natural Species
  16. Produce fruit call bolls
  17. US Currency Is Made Up Of Around 75% Cotton (25% linen)
  18. The Term ‘Cottoned On’ Comes From Cotton’s Great Ability To Blend With Differing Fiber Options
  19. Cottoned On meaning understand easily or to get along.

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