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Build-A-Bear can do minor repairs

Build-A-Bear can do minor repairs if your furry friend ripped it could get fixed for free. #buildabear #bearhospital

Build-A-Bear can do minor repairs

For Mending Monday, I share about Build-A-Bear mending their stuffed animals.

Build-A-Bear can do minor repairs if your furry friend ripped it could get fixed for free. #buildabear #bearhospital
Screenshot from Build-A-Bear Instagram

So Not only can the fix the seam rips and sew your stuffed animal back, but might be able reads stuffing too.

Your Build-A-Bear can get stitch, fluff, mend, brush and hugged to give them a Beary Clean Bill of Health at Bear Hospital.

From my understanding most of that service is free of charge, from what I read, it must be for minor repairs.

However, if you know how to sew and stuff, this is also something you could do yourself. But, your child might enjoy the fact of taking them somewhere.

About Build-A-Bear

Build-A-Bear is a global company that specializes in creating personalized stuffed animals. Founded in 1997 by Maxine Clark, the company operates in over 50 countries and has more than 500 stores worldwide.

At Build-A-Bear, customers can choose from a variety of different stuffed animals, including bears, dogs, cats, unicorns, and more. They can then customize their chosen animal by adding accessories such as clothing, hats, shoes, and even scents.

One of the unique features of Build-A-Bear is the interactive experience it offers. Customers are invited to participate in the creation process by selecting and stuffing the animal, adding a sound or recording a message, and creating a birth certificate for their new furry friend. This hands-on approach has made the company popular with children and families.

Build-A-Bear also offers a variety of charitable initiatives, including partnerships with organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund and the American Red Cross. Additionally, the company offers a range of products and services, including party packages, corporate events, and online shopping.

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I did not get anything from this post, just sharing this.

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