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Wear A Mask Parody

Wear A Mask Parody – Wear a mask, wear a mask… is this really much to ask??? By Noah Lindquist. #WearAMask #BeOurGuest #NoahLindquist

Wear A Mask Parody

Based on “Be Our Guest” from Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman.

Enjoy, and WEAR A MASK! It was posted on YouTube on October 17, 2020.

There are some choice words in this parody too.

Wear A Mask Lyrics

Wear A Mask, Wear A Mask, Is This Really Much to Ask?

Tie some fabric ’round your face.

Oh, it’s the simplest of tasks!

At the gym, at the store …

Don’t treat it like a chore!

No, these mandates aren’t malicious.

All your theories are fictitious!

Stop the lies, stop the fights.

No one’s taking away your rights!

All this speculation makes me need a flask.

Come on and read some data.

All you make debaters, wear a mask.


It’s a mask! It’s a mask! Heaven’s sake, it’s just a mask.

Such a shame that asking folks to follow rules gets you harassed.

You can shout! You can glare!

But listen, Karen, I don’t care.

Never seen folks so dramatic …

over a piece of fabric!

“HaRd tO BReAtHe!”

“fEelS ToO hOt!”

Quit your (blank).

There’s a thought!

Suck it Up! And don’t you give me any sass!

We’ve got a lot to do …

And it’s not “just the flu,” so wear a mask.


Wear A Mask! Wear A Mask! Get your head out of your (blank)!

Try to think of someone other than yourself.

It’s all we ask!

While you sit, watching FOX, ignoring science and the docs …

Wow! Your ignorance is showing as the death toll keeps on growing …

Case by case …

Test by Test

Don’t forget

You’re not oppressed!!!

‘Til we put the (blank) pandemic in the past …

Try not to be so grouchy.

Have some faith in Fauci! Wear a mask!


Wash your hands and wear a …


Lyrics by Noah Lindquist
Performed by Noah Lindquist and Ashley Young

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