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Yes! Men can sew & quilt too

Yes! Men can sew & quilt too! #menthatsew #menthatquilt

Yes! Men can sew & quilt too

It is Sewing Saturday and I want to say men can sew and quilt too!

Yes! Men can sew & quilt too! #menthatsew #menthatquilt

I’m prime example that men can sew and quilt. I Forster learned how to sew in joke economics in high school.

Then I started to sew face masks during the pandemic and now I also sew other stuff.

Not to mention, sewing quilts! So if you are a guy be proud that you sew or quilt. It is fun! We know you like to make things with your hands! There us nothing wrong with a guy sewing or quilting!

If you are a guy and sew and/or quilt, let me know in the comments! (Or if you know of a guy who does).

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