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Meet Brother Stitch

Meet Brother Stitch – The sewing machine that sews the face masks and other products found here at Steve Sews.

Meet Brother Stitch

This is the sewing machine I am currently using to sew face masks, pocket tissue holders, zipper clutches (zipper pouches) and much more!

You have heard me mention Brother Stitch in previous posts and videos, but this is an official introduction of my sewing machine, which I named.

ST371HD a Strong & Touch sewing machine by Brother. He got the name Brother Stitch became one he is a Bother sewing machine. And too …

His model number starts with ST. My wife and I was taking about the Disney cartoon character. That is when I saw the ST and was like well stitch is another name for sewing.

I got him in June of 2020, after my previous sewing machine, The Masked Bandit, stopped working properly.

That is how my sewing machine got his name!

Who is Stitch?

Stitch is a fictional character from the Disney franchise. He is a small, blue, furry creature with large ears, four arms, and a long, prehensile tail. Stitch was created by a mad scientist named Dr. Jumba Jookiba as a powerful, nearly indestructible experiment, but he was later captured and sentenced to exile. During his escape, he crash-landed on Earth and was mistaken for a dog, and was adopted by a young girl named Lilo.

In the Disney animated movie “Lilo & Stitch” (2002), Stitch is shown as mischievous and destructive at first, but he gradually learns to love and care for his new family. Stitch quickly becomes Lilo’s beloved pet, and together they face various challenges, including the efforts of Jumba and the alien bounty hunter, Captain Gantu, to capture Stitch and take him back to his home planet.

Stitch has since become a popular character in the Disney franchise, appearing in sequels, television shows, and even theme park attractions. He is known for his unique personality and his catchphrase “Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

I even put a vinyl on it with his name. Plus I added a LED strip.

What’s your sewing machine name?

Feel free to share in the comments what kind of sewing machine you have and what you named it and why. Thanks!

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