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International Safety Pin Day

International Safety Pin Day is observed on April 10 of every year. It is an unofficial observance dedicated to the simple yet clever invention: safety pins. These unassuming little pins have a fascinating history and countless practical uses. Let’s delve into the story behind International Safety Pin Day and celebrate this ingenious creation.


National DIY Day

National DIY Day is an annual event celebrated on the first Saturday in April. It was founded in 2016 by the craft and DIY website, Craft Box Girls. The purpose of National DIY Day is to encourage people to take on creative projects and embrace their inner DIY spirit.


National Mom and Pops Business Owners Day

National Mom and Pops Business Owners Day is celebrated on March 29th each year in the United States. It is a day to recognize and appreciate the contributions of small business owners to their communities and the economy as a whole.


Mario Day

Mario Day, also known as Mar10 Day, is an annual celebration of the beloved video game character, Mario. This day is observed on March 10th each year, and it’s a time for fans to come together and celebrate the iconic plumber’s legacy. #MarioDay

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National Chopsticks Day

National Chopsticks Day, observed annually on February 6th, is more than just a celebration of the art of eating with these slender utensils. While they’re indispensable in the culinary realm, their versatility extends far beyond the dinner table, making them unexpected yet handy tools in the worlds of sewing and crafting.