Autism Awareness Christmas Stocking


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Autism Awareness Christmas Stocking – This Christmas Stocking uses the colorful puzzle piece fabric called Autism Awareness. #Autism #AutismAwareness #Christmas #ChristmasStocking

Autism Awareness Christmas Stocking

The puzzle piece 🧩 is a symbol for Autism. The Christmas Stocking is also very colorful too.

About Christmas Stocking

  • Made of Cotton Fabric
  • Size about 9 inches wide by 15 1/2 inches tall (plus/minus)
  • Pattern Location: Pattern location will vary with each mask made. In some cases, the design may be tossed (right-side up, upside down, sideways, slant-ways, etc. all in the design).
  • Lining & Backing Fabric Color will vary

In most cases, I can make face masks, zipper clutches (zipper pouches), pocket tissue holders, decorative pillows, fidget marble mazes, and much more with any of the fabric I have! Please contact me to ask about that. If you are looking for something specific let me know that too.

History of Christmas Stockings. The hanging of Christmas stockings is a tradition with an extensive history. Several legends attribute the hanging of stockings to different people or events.