Parts of a Ship Face Mask



Parts of a Ship Face Mask – This face mask has ships on it and it tells you want the parts of the ship are. #Ships

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Parts of a Ship Face Mask – This face mask has ships on it and it tells you want the parts of the ship are. #Ships

Parts of a Ship Face Mask

I did get this fabric from a local fabric store. This face mask is a light khaki brown with dark brown in color.

Parts it points to include

  1. Hull
  2. Boom
  3. Waterline
  4. Rudder
  5. Keel
  6. Firesail
  7. Mizzen
  8. Truck
  9. Mast
  10. Top Sail
  11. Stern
  12. Inner Jig
  13. Fore Topgallant
  14. Main Topgallant
  15. Backstay
  16. Headstay

Notes About Each Face Mask

Here are some notes to know about each face mask made.

  • Fabric: Handmade using 100% Cotton
  • Size: Adult Size (Fit Bigger Than Most) I use a 10 Inch x 8 Inch piece of cotton fabric, Which is then pleated down due to sewing to making the face mask.
  • Style: Pleated
  • Filter Pocket: Yes! There is a small slit in the back. That is where you could use to insert some time of the filter.
  • Closure: Either black or white elastic, usually 7-8 inches on each side, which is also tucked inside the seem.
  • Layers: There are two layers, the front design layer and then a solid color layer in the back. (Back color will vary, will match the fabric)
  • Pattern Location: Pattern location will vary with each mask made. In some cases, the design may be tossed (right-side up, upside down, sideways, slantways, etc. all in the design).
  • Washable: Recommended to hand wash.
  • Sorry! No hats shown are included with the purchase. Just shown to pop the face mask.

I can also turn any fabric I have into a zipper pouch (Zipper Clutch) or even a pocket tissue holder. Just contact SteveZ MaskZ about that!

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