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Use a lingerie bag to wash your face masks

Use a lingerie bag to wash your face masks

Use a lingerie bag to wash your face masks

Use a lingerie bag to wash your face masks ​

Using a lingerie bag, can help keep each person’s mask together. Use one lingerie bag for each person. A lingerie bag is also known as a mesh laundry bag.

Remember these are made from fabric from the store there could be bleeding of the colors so I went and wash them with light colored or white.

Wash by hand

Of course, you can still hand wash each one. That might be the best way, as face masks are delicate.

I found drying them in the dryer will shrink them because they are made from cotton so I hang dry mine.

Masks are exposed to the elements and germs each time they are worn, meaning they will require cleaning. Even though Harvard Health suggests COVID-19 may live more readily on hard surfaces than fabric, the CDC urges people to give cloth face masks the same level of care as regular laundry. Masks should be washed and dried often. The CDC offers these tips on how to clean most cloth and fabric masks.

Wearing a Face mask does not show fear!

· Fabric face masks should be washed depending on the frequency of use.More frequent use necessitates more frequent washing.

· A washing machine should be adequate for properly washing a face covering. Choose a warm setting for water temperature. Place masks in the dryer afterward.

More face mask washing tips are Continued on Courageous Christian Father

Do you have any face masks washing tips?

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  1. I say hand washing or using the lingerie bag is the best. Don’t overcrowd the lingerie bag. Just putting them in the washer with regular closes could damage handmade face masks. Caution should be used in doing that!

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