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Squishmallows are now in McDonald’s Happy Meals!

Squishmallows are now in McDonald’s Happy Meals! Jazwares, the creator of Squishmallows, has partnered with McDonald’s to bring an exciting new experience to fans. As part of this collaboration, Squishmallows will now be featured in Happy Meals across the country. This marks a significant milestone for Squishmallows, joining forces with one of the world’s most trusted and recognized brands. #Squishville #Squishmallow #HappyMeal #McDonalds

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Intern Day

Internships play a vital role in shaping the careers of aspiring professionals. They provide a platform for students and recent graduates to gain practical experience in their respective fields, allowing them to bridge the gap between education and the professional world. To honor and celebrate the hard work, dedication, and contributions of interns, we observe Intern Day on the last Thursday in July.

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Squishville Squishmallows

Squishville Squishmallows are the latest craze in the world of plush toys. These adorable, soft, and squishy creatures have taken the toy industry by storm, and it’s not hard to see why. #SquishmalliwSquishville #Squishville