1890 Table Etiquette Don’ts

1890 Table Etiquette Don’ts – here is a list found at Glenmore Mansion in Jefferson City.

1890 Table Etiquette Don’ts

• Don’t lie back in your chair or place your elbows on the table.
• Don’t sit sideways, but straight to the table.
• Don’t seat yourself until all the ladies at the table are seated.

1890 Table Etiquette Don'ts - here is a list found at Glenmore Mansion in Jefferson City.

• Don’t bend your head for each mouthful. Let the food be taken to the mouth, and not the mouth to the food.
• Don’t cut your bread. Break it off.
• Don’t use your knife to carry food to your mouth.
• Don’t make any noise with your mouth when eating.
• Don’t speak with your mouth full or even half full.
• Don’t ever spit a bone or seed upon your plate or the floor.

• Don’t wipe your face with your napkin. It is for the lips and beard only.
• Don’t forget to see that all the ladies are served before you.
• Don’t leave your knife and fork on your plate when sent for a second supply.
• Don’t come to the table half dressed, half washed, half combed.
• Don’t leave the table before the others unless unavoidable and then always ask to be excused.
• Don’t pick teeth at the table, but if it is impossible to hinder it, it should be done behind the napkin.

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