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Attempted a new bowl cozy design

Attempted a new bowl cozy design using bowl cozy ruler templates I got online. #bowlcozy #bowlcozies

Attempted a new bowl cozy design

Odd thing is on Amazon they have these acrylic rulers for this. They ALL seem to say to use the same amount of fabric regardless of the ruler size. I guess miss print on them all.

The bowl cozy ruler set I ordered can make 6 sizes in all. It looks like 3, but each has one inside it.

Groot Bowl cozy
2nd attempt bowl cozy

I even ordered one that the preview image showed ones had different sizes on it, yet I still got the misprint set. But I’m I went back to look and every place selling them showed the set I got with the misprint. It seems every distributor got the same misprinted ones.

My Misprinted ​bowl cozy rulers I received! #bowlcozy
My Misprinted bowl cozy rulers I received!

Anyways, I decided to try one, I did the next to smallest ruler. It was still a good size. I can only image if I did the biggest one.

I know the smallest bowl cozy ruler doesn’t need 16 inches of fabric! So this is what I did to determine how much I needed!

Since it requires folded fabric, I folded my fabric in half and then half again. So really just need double the height and width then folded to cut around.

I think our lovee , Gandalf liked the new bowl cozy, as he fits in it! If I fits, I sits he said.

Gandalf is showing off his wizard hat and bowl cozy, served as seat for him and checking out the new huge Knoxville JoAnn’s off Morrell Drive by West Town Mall. #Knoxville #joannfabrics #gandalf JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores
Gandalf is showing off his wizard hat and bowl cozy, served as seat for him and checking out the new huge Knoxville JoAnn’s off Morrell Drive by West Town Mall. #Knoxville #joannfabrics #gandalf JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores

I think the tall one seems like a thermos cozy instead.

Just learning to make these, the darting done the last step.

But I am still not sure why my cozy came out tall, unless I did something different, as the rulers didn’t come with instructions. Perhaps I did my darts wrong? Or something else?

I priorly did my own free style bowl cozies, which Weren’t too bad. I just wanted to see a new way to make them.

Pirate Bowl Cozy - This is a pirate-themed bowl cozy. Great to hold your heated bowl. #BowlCozy #BowlCozies #Pirate #Pirates
Old bowl cozy style

If you have any tips or tricks on making these, feel free to share in the comments.

One of the ladies cutting my fabric at JoAnn’s told me she uses a 12 inch square ruler to make hers. So that might be an idea?

Stay tuned, I may update this post or publish a new blog post on this.

I think I got my original design fine tuned now and plan to use it. Worked great. Just missing one step from my original design.

Watch for more bowl cozy designs coming to Steve Sews!

Update: I use 10 inch square fabric to make mine and found the missing step to make these correct without a ruler!

See the picture below and compare it to one above. Big difference, I like this design below the best!

Bowl cozy

So don’t buy a bowl cozy ruler just cut them square! I have a blog post coming soon on how to make them!

First published August 21, 2022. Last updated or republished December 29, 2022.

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