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Double-sided Walker Caddy Bag

Double-sided Walker Caddy Bag – I made a Walker caddy bag recently. #walkercaddy

Double-sided Walker Caddy Bag

also known as a Walker caddy pouch

Double-sided Walker Caddy Bag - I made a Walker caddy bag recently. #walkercaddy

Just recently made a Walker caddy for my wife who had back surgery so she can take things with her as she moves along.

I used some Snoopy fabric I had.

You can put either side on front or back.

Walker Caddy
Walker Caddy

I didn’t use a template, I just looked at ones online and made my own.

It was simple to make!

I used two design fabrics (one for the front and one for the back). Sewed the tops together.

Walker Caddy
Walker Caddy

Then back lining fabric. I used a solid, since it is the side you don’t see.

Plus the pockets using the design fabric, you could use the solid, if you want.

 Walker caddy tie at the bottom
Tie at bottom

I sewed them together and turned it out and sewed the pockets on.

The pockets make it great for carrying small things in it.

  • Wallet
  • Money
  • Medicine
  • And the list can go on and

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