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Local Fabric Stores

Local Fabric Stores – A list of local fabric stores and quilt shops I have supported, These fabrics are great for sewing & quilting! #fabric #fabricstores #quiltshops #quilt #quilting #sewing

Local Fabric Stores

Local and others within 2 hours or so from the East Tennessee area (Jefferson City).

Local Fabric Stores - other then buying fabric at big stores, I have supported some local fabric stores. Where you can find the best fabrics for masks making!
Photo by Alex Andrews on Pexels.com

Keep in mind this list is local to me, As I live in East Tennessee. These are all within 2 hours or so from Jefferson City, TN. These small independent local fabric shops have the best fabric choices over the big box chains. You should really check out your local fabric or quilt shops!

These are in no particular order.

1. Cosby Fabrics & Crafts

This is the first one I got to visit. They are located about an hour from me in Harrogate, TN. Right near the Tennessee, Kentucky border. They have a lot of fabric to choose from. For example, I got coke a Tennessee Vols, M&M’s, Butterfinger, Pink Nursing, Breast Cancer Awareness, and more etc.

Don’t confuse Mrs. Cosby’s fabric store for being in Cosby, TN. Cosby is the owner’s last name and is located in Harrogate, TN. They are on a road parallel to the main highway there, almost adjacent to one of my favorite restaurants: Haymakers BBQ.

Cosby Fabrics 662 Patterson Rd, Harrogate, TN 37752
Google Image of Cosby Fabrics

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662 Patterson Road
Harrogate, TN 37752

2. Old Town Fabric

This one is not that local, but still a good drive. It is around a 2 1/2 to 3-hour drive from me. They are located in Berea, KY. They sell all kinds of fabrics too. I got my Navy one there. I also got some Peanuts fabrics there. Plus, the white Nurses fabric.

Old Town Fabriccs 132 N Broadway
Berea, KY 40403
Old Town Fabrics

Check out Out Town Fabric’s website!

132 N Broadway
Berea, KY 40403

While you are there! Eat at PapaLeno’s!

3. The Quilt Patch

My wife visited this one and got me some faith-based fabrics. I finally got to go and visit and got more Sport Team fabrics like Florida and Georgia. I also got a few military ones (Marines, Army, and Air Force). They are located just a little over an hour from me in LaFollette, TN. They even have huge quilting machines. I mean huge!

The Quilt Patch 2221 Jacksboro Pike
Suite A-19, LaFollette, TN 37766
The Quilt Patch

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2221 Jacksboro Pike
Suite A-19
LaFollette, TN 37766

4. Stitch ‘n Time Fabric Outlet

This fabric shop is located about 35 minutes from me in Bean Station, TN. This is one of the places I got my cat fabrics from. They have all kinds of cool fabric choices too.

Stitch 'N Time Fabric Outlet, 2223 Broadway Drive Bean Station, TN 37708
Fabric Outlet

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2223 Broadway Drive
Bean Station, TN 37708

5. Little Women Quilt Shop

This one was only about 5 minutes from me. They did sell a lot of quilting-type fabric, including solid colors. I did get to learn how to add stabilizing to the shirt! They are very friendly!

I am sad to say, they have shut down their physical location, but they are active on social media and selling their product all online.


6. Foothills of the Smoky’s Quilt Shop

Kind of a hidden gem. Found in the Cosby, TN, part of the Smoky Mountains. This quilt shop sells a lot of kinds of quilting fabrics and even quilting panels. I got some fabric from his place and plan to be back. Enjoy shopping in this log cabin and the rustic feel inside too. She also sells quilts and other sewing projects created.

Foothills of the Smoky's Quilt Shop
Foothills of the Smokies Quilt Shop

They even have a barn quilt on their building.

Check out Foothills of the Smoky’s Quilt Shop’s website!

3892 Cosby Highway
Cosby, TN 37722

7. Beckie’s Sewing Center

Beckie's Sewing Center
Beckie’s Sewing Center

Here is a nice local place to buy fabric and sewing machines (including embroidery, surgers, etc.). They also sell vinyl and cross stitching DMC floss. Tell them you are a first-time person and might give you something with Beckie’s Sewing Center on it. Like I got a small notebook and ink pen with that on it. They have all kinds of fabric to choose from too.

They have a discount program too.

Check Out Beckie’s Sewing Center’s Website

2030 Old Highway 25E
Tazewell, TN 37879

8. Twisted Sisters Quilt Shop

Twisted Sisters Quilt Shop Alcoa (new location) outside
Twisted Sisters Quilt Shop Alcoa (new location) outside
Twisted Sisters Quilt Shop Alcoa (new location) inside
Twisted Sisters Quilt Shop Alcoa (new location) outside

A great fabric store with a lot of choices of fabric to choose from. They have friendly staff and even customers. They even have a discount program you can join. There was so much fabric that I wanted!

Check out Twisted Sisters Quilt Shop Website

New location!

424 Marilyn Lane
Alcoa, TN 37701

9. Mountain Creek Quilt Shop

Mountain Creek Quilt Shop
Mountain Creek Quilt Shop

This is an awesome gem! Not only do they have a huge selection of fabric, but they also do classes. I found a lot of fabric here that I am going to use for that nautical quilt I am going to attempt, but also for more face masks. They also had a huge amount of fabrics that I would love to have had. The staff is very friendly and helpful here too. Do make sure you verify their hours for that day before arriving.

Check out Mountain Creek Quilt Shop’s website

3531 US Hwy 411S
Maryville, TN 3780

NOTE: as of September 2023 they have moved! Check with them on the new location!

10. Sew Unique

Sew Unique - Local Fabric Store
Sew Unique Fabrics

Here is another local fabric store. This one is located in Clinton, TN. I did notice some of the fabric I have seen at like JoAnn’s before. They had some neat fabrics here. Plus some quilting supplies too.

403 Hillcrest Street
Clinton, TN 37716

11. Foam and Fabric Outlet

Foam and Fabric Outlet - Fletcher NC - Local Fabric Store
Foam & Fabric Outlet

Here is a great fabric store that is just under a 2-hour drive for me. You can not only buy fabric, but you can buy foam and other stuff for the home sewer too. They had a lot of choices of fabric here.

3049 Hendersonville Hwy.
Highway 25
Fletcher, NC 28732

Check out Foam & Fabric’s website!

12. Little Blessings Quilt Shop

Little Blessings Quilt Shop Crossville, TN Local Fabric Store
Little Blessings Quilt Shop Crossville, TN

This fabric quilt shop is around 2 hours from me. They have a great selection of fabrics to choose from too.

4351 US-127
Crossville, TN 38571

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13. Heavenly Stitches Quilt Shop

Heavenly Stitches Quilt Shop, Kingsport, TN

This quilt shop has tons of fabric to choose from, along with they are a Brother sewing machine distributor. The staff is very friendly too. They are located in Kingsport, TN. (About just over one hour drive for me).

4219 Fort Henry Dr
Suite # 100
Kingsport, TN 37663


Search for sewing machines on Amazon!

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14. The Cherry Pit Quilt Shop

This is a nice and friendly quilt shop, a fabric shop located in downtown Sevierville, TN. They have all kinds of fabric, quilting patterns, notions, and much more!

The Cherry Pit Quilt Shop Sevierville - This is a nice and friendly quilt shop, a fabric shop located in downtown Sevierville, TN. They have all kinds of fabric, quilting patterns, notions, and much more!
The Cherry Pit Quilt Shop

115 Bruce Street
Sevierville, TN 37862


15. Fabric World & Quilting

Here is a nice fabric shop with tons of fabric to choose from. I thought I had this one on here, just noticed it was missing, so I am adding it. I mean they have all kinds of fabric to choose from. They are located around two hours from me.

Fabric World

33 Prestige Lane, US-25W S
Corbin, KY 40701

16. The Quilted Square

The Quilted Square located in Dandridge, TN

This is a nice small local fabric shop that started in a garage and now grew to a location in Dandridge, TN. It started out due to a passion for fabric. There are all kinds of fabric and not just quilting fabric! Very friendly too!

426 E. Meeting Street, Dandridge, TN.

17. Sewing Bee

Sewing Bee Johnson City, TN

3101 Industrial Drive, Johnson City, TN 37604

18. Loose Threads

This is a very nice quilt shop. It has a lot of choices of fabric too. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They even Have class rooms. Their website states they have over 6,000 square feet of fabric.

Check out Loose Threads online!

1211 S Roane Street, Suite #5, Harriman, TN 37748

List is not all of the local fabric shops

With any of these places tell them Steve Sews sent you!

If you are a fabric store and are located within a couple of hours’ drive from Jefferson City, TN, feel free to contact Steve Sews so I can check you out and possibly add you to this list!

This is not all of them! There are many more, I have just not got to visit yet. I try to buy fabrics from local fabric stores. But, I have also got fabrics from Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and JoAnn’s Fabrics.

But, the local fabric stores, sell fabrics that the big chains can’t. So look up what fabric and quilt shops are near you. Go visit them! Find the coolest fabrics that you may not be able to find anywhere else!

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First published August 31, 2020. Last updated or republished March 18, 2023.. (This post will be updated with more fabric shops that I have visited or got some fabric from for products here on Steve Sews.

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