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Tumbler Cup Hack

Tumbler cup hack use these wire wine racks from Target to hold your tumbler cups. #hack #tumblers #tumblercup #tumblercups #cuphack #winerack #target #tumblers
use Zip ties to stack and make more sturdy

Tumbler Cup Hack

Tumbler cup hack use these wire wine racks from Target to hold your tumbler cups. #hack #tumblers #tumblercup #tumblercups #cuphack #winerack #target #tumblers
use Zip ties to stack and make more sturdy
Photo Credit: Heather Patterson

Using a wire wine rack to store tumbler cups is a practical and space-saving solution for organizing your kitchen or dining area. Here’s a brief overview of how to effectively use a wire wine rack for this purpose:

Select the Right Rack:

Choose a wire wine rack that suits your space and tumbler cup collection. Consider the size and design of the rack to ensure it accommodates your cups. Target has a set for around $5 each that holds 3 tumblers.


Find a suitable location for the wine rack. It could be placed on a countertop, inside a cupboard, or mounted on a wall. Ensure it’s easily accessible and complements your kitchen decor.

Cup Orientation:

Insert the tumbler cups into the wire wine rack. You can place them either horizontally, with the rims resting on the wires, or vertically, with the cups hanging by their bases. The choice depends on the rack’s design and your preference.

Space Optimization:

Maximize the use of space by adjusting the cup placement to prevent overcrowding. Ensure there’s enough room between each cup to prevent them from touching and potentially chipping. Some offer direct spots used to place each cup in. If needed, you can use gap area to store more tumblers.


Organize your tumbler cups based on size, style, or frequency of use. Keep the most frequently used cups within easy reach for convenience.


Regularly clean both the wine rack and your tumbler cups to maintain hygiene and prevent dust or dirt buildup.

Decorative Touch:

If desired, add decorative elements to identify specific cup types or add a personal touch to your storage solution.


Using a wire wine rack for tumbler cup storage not only keeps your cups organized but also adds a stylish and functional element to your kitchen or dining area.

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