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Nautical Face Masks

Nautical Face Masks – Here are some of the Nautical-themed face mask that I can make and you can wear! #Nautical #NauticalFaceMasks

Nautical Face Masks

Nautical Face Masks - Here are some of the Nautical-themed face mask that I can make and you can wear! #Nautical #NauticalFaceMasks

I have all this nautical fabric I’m using for my nautical quilt, that I can also make some face masks too. I can even make pocket tissue holders or zipper pouches with that nautical fabric too!

Some of the nautical fabric I use, came from local fabric stores

These Nautical-themed Face Mask may feature these Nautical images

  • Lighthouses
  • Ship’s Wheel
  • The Beach
  • Sailboats
  • Ships
  • Anchors
  • Buoys
  • Aquatic Life
  • Rope
  • Beach Chairs
  • Pirate
  • Pirates
  • and much more!

At the time of posting, I have nearly 20 published nautical-themed face masks!

This is just some of them. Check back as I plan to add more as I get and/or make them. The image of me wearing some is a sample of some, plus I have a list of them below!

Nautical Face Masks / Pirate Face Masks

Nautical or Pirate Themed Face Masks

  1. Anchor Face Mask
  2. Beach Snoopy Face Mask
  3. Blue Nautical Face Mask
  4. Lighthouses Face Mask 1
  5. Lighthouses Face Mask 2
  6. Mariner Flags and Sailboats Face Mask
  7. Marines Face Mask (USMC)
  8. Nautical Face Mask
  9. Nautical Icon Face Mask
  10. Naval Ship Face Mask (USN)
  11. Navy Face Mask
  12. Oh Buoy Face Mask
  13. Parts of a Ship Face Mask
  14. Pirate Face Mask 1
  15. Pirate Face Mask 2
  16. Sailboat & Lighthouse Face Mask
  17. Sailboat Nautical Face Mask 1
  18. Sailboat Nautical Face Mask 2
  19. Sea Creatures Pirate Face mask
  20. Ship in a Bottle Face Mask
  21. Ships of the Sea Face Mask
  22. Slanted Nautical Face Mask
  23. Surfing Snoopy Face Mask
  24. Treasure Map Face Mask

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