Scrap fabric vase

Scrap fabric vase this is one thing you can make with scrap strips of fabric and a vase. #ScrapFabric #Fabricvase

Scrap fabric vase

Scrap fabric vase this is one thing you can make with scrap strips of fabric and a vase. #ScrapFabric #Fabricvase

I saw this idea at a local fabric store and dive one of my own.

It doesn’t cost much to make because the vase you can get at the dollar tree for one dollar currently. The fabric strips, well you were gonna just toss those.

It’s that easy to make!

You can face fold or what ever to have better designs on the outside while the solids or poor designs to fill the inside. When I say face fold, I mean fold the fabric to the design area of the fabric you want shown.

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You can keep pushing them down to add more and more. Or you can go less for another design look, if you so choose.

You can use the blunt end of your marking pencil or a chop stick to move or push down the fabric. Yes! Another use for a chop stick when it comes to sewing or crafts!

You can use glass or plastic as long as they are clear or at least colored translucent. You don’t have to stick to a cheap vase, you could use a more expensive one if you choose. I’m just showing it can be five cheap. I got my vase at the Dollar Tree.

You can use these to decorate your store, sew room, craft room, living room, bedroom or any other room.

Updated here is the vase on June 27, 2023.

Scrap fabric vase is a vase full of tiny scrap fabric

Check out 9 other things to use with scrap fabric! (As this is one on that list of 10).

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