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Sewing Machine in other languages

Sewing Machine in other languages Here are the translations for “sewing machine” in 20 different languages:

Sewing Machine in other languages

Sewing Machine in other languages Here are the translations for "sewing machine" in 20 different languages:

  1. English: Sewing machine
  2. Spanish: Máquina de coser
  3. French: Machine à coudre
  4. German: Nähmaschine

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  1. Italian: Macchina da cucire
  2. Portuguese: Máquina de costura
  3. Dutch: Naaimachine
  4. Russian: Швейная машина (Shveynaya mashina)
  5. Japanese: ミシン (Mishin)
  6. Chinese (Simplified): 缝纫机 (Féng rèn jī)
  7. Korean: 재봉틀 (Jaebongteul)
  8. Arabic: آلة خياطة (Alat khayatah)
  9. Turkish: Dikiş makinesi
  10. Swedish: Symaskin
  11. Danish: Symaskine
  12. Norwegian: Symaskin
  13. Finnish: Ompelukone
  14. Polish: Maszyna do szycia
  15. Greek: Ραπτομηχανή (Raptomichani)
  16. Hungarian: Varrógép

Please note that these translations may vary slightly depending on the region or dialect.

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