What is Quilt in other languages

What is Quilt in other languages – I share what the word quilt is in other languages. #quilt

What is Quilt in other languages

Before we look at what a quilt is in other languages, let’s look at a definition of quilt.

What is Quilt in other languages - I share what the word quilt is in other languages. #quilt

Noun: a bed coverlet of two layers of cloth filled with padding (such as down or batting) held in place by ties or stitched designs



  • Arabic – لحاف lihaf
  • Bulgarian – юрган yurgan
  • Chinese – 被子 Bèizi
  • Croatian – jorgan
  • Czech – deka
  • Danish – quilt
  • Dutch – quilt


  • English – quilt
  • Filipino – kubrekama
  • Finnish – peitto
  • French – courtepointe
  • German – Decke
  • Greek – πάπλωμα páploma
  • Hawaiian – kāhili
  • Hebrew – שמיכה
  • Hindi – रज़ाई razaee
  • Hungarian – paplan


  • Icelandic – teppi
  • Indonesian – selimut
  • Irish – chuilt
  • Italian – trapunta
  • Japanese – キルト Kiruto
  • Korean – 이불 ibul
  • Latin – pellem pilosam
  • Lithuanian – antklodė
  • Luxembourgish – decken


  • Macedonian – јорган jorgan
  • Nepali – रजाई Rajā’ī
  • Persian – ‎لحاف
  • Polish – kołdra
  • Portuguese – colcha


  • Romania – pilota
  • Russian – одеяло odeyalo
  • Scottish Gaelic – cuibhrig
  • Spanish – edtedón
  • Swahili – mto
  • Thai – ผ้าห่ม P̄ĥāh̄̀m
  • Turkish – täcke


  • Ukrainian – ковдру kovdru
  • Vietnamese – may chăn
  • Welch – cwilt


  • Yiddish – ‎קאָלדרע koldre

Got a language I didn’t share? Let me know and I will look into it and add it to this list. Check back often! Share this post with your quilting people!

I am no expert in quilting, I’m just learning to quilt, and sharing quilting and sewing on here.

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