1st Quilt progress: Redid the sashing size

1st Quilt progress: Redid the sashing size – I redid what I did because my Sashing was too wide I think. I had it, 3-inch strips so I would make it 2 1/2 sashing. #Quilting #Sashing

1st Quilt progress: Redid the sashing size

So I decided to cut that in half making one and a half strips that would end up making 1 inch sashing for my horizontal sashing. I should’ve done it 2 inches wide so to be one and a half wide for the vertical.

However, the vertical sashing I cut it in 2 inch strips making it one and a half wide with seam allowance.

And I decided to go with nine Blocks on height.

Again I just winging it on making it. Just going with how my idea of a quit making is and so far, so good. Yes! A guy can sew and can quilt too!

I plan to keep updating my progress on this quilt. Make sure you follow SteveZ MaskZ!

IF you have any tips, tricks, etc. that can help me along in my 1st quilting experience, that would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to share in the comments below. Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “1st Quilt progress: Redid the sashing size

  1. I’ve been quilting for many years and love the piecing part, but not the layering – therefore I have many quilt squares waiting for that last stage.
    Yours looks good, an excellent blend of colours, Looking forward to seeing the end result.

    1. The part I did was not bad, but adding the matting, and the backing, I am not sure about. Thank you on the compliments. Yes, I just picked two random colors and sewed it and was like oh wow they go great together. I am looking forward to it. I redid the sashing, the girl at one of the local quilt shops, when I showed her the first one said, your quit is going to be very big. LOL So I went back and redid it all with smaller sashing. I think it looks much better with the smaller sashing. I plan to work on it, between my main job, doing mask orders, and then this. (Once this is done, I plan to do another quilt too.) It will have some t-shirts in it, as well as, quilting fabric. I got to learn how to stabilize a t-shirt not that long ago. Thanks for the comment, William. Have a great day.

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