30 Days of Thank Living

30 Days of Thank Living – This is a unique blog post, as I will post this on the last day of November, a month long of being thankful.

30 Days of Thanks Living

30 Days of Thank Living - This is a unique blog post, as I will post this on the last day of November, a month long of being thankful.

Each day of November 2022, I will add what I wanted to share being thankful for. As there are many, many things to give thanks for. I will just list one. Notice I said Thanks Living and not Thanksgiving.

Day 1 – Surgeons and Doctors

Day 2 – Nurses and Patient Care Technicians

Day 3 – Caring Pastors who pray for you, check in on you and visit in the hospital.

Day 4 – Vacation Days at Work to take time off.

Day 5 – Football enough said!

Day 6 – A loving church family who prays and checks in on you.

Day 7 – My job and an ability to work.

Day 8 – My wife!

Day 9 – My mother

Day 10 – My Daughter, Two Step-sons and a step-daughter.

Day 11 – Our Veterans who served to protect our freedoms here in America.

Day 12 – The meals our church family blessed us with during first week of my wife’s surgery recovery.

Day 13 – Thankful for my wife’s friend and sister for all they did for us last week.

Day 14 – God giving me a creative mind to sew, quilt, do graphic design and more.

Day 15 – Our Kitty babies (Joel the Brave & Lilly Bug).

Day 16 – The apartment we live in.

Day 17 – Cars to get to work, store, church, doctor appointments s d much more.

Day 18 – Praise reports and answered prayers.

Day 19 – Brother Stitch to sew on. Yes! I named my sewing machine!

Day 20 – Naps! Zzzzz As kids, we hated them. As adults we long got them.

Day 21 – My dad.

Day 22 – My Coworkers.

Day 23 – Freedom.

Day 24 – That first Thanksgiving Day and all other Thanksgiving Days.

Day 25 – Paid holidays at work.

Day 26 – All Steve Sews customers.

Day 27 – Weekends! Time for rest and other things to do too.

Day 28 – Our Lovees and interns.

Day 29 – Food to eat.

Day 30 – God choose to save me!

I did Thanks Living, as being thankful is a daily event. We must live being thankful.

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