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5 Things I learned in 2022

5 Things I learned in 2022 – I share about five things I learned to sew in 2022.

5 Things I learned in 2022

5 Things I learned in 2022 - I share about five things I learned to sew in 2022.

1. How to Make an apron

I got to make a few for myself, my wife s d a customer. I bought and used a pattern.

2. How to Make a pot holder

I only made myself one, still need to tweak it some. I bought and used a pattern.

3. How to make a bowl cozy.

Still trying to perfect the bowl cozy, I have made some for myself, family, coworkers and customers. I went with templates online and tried bowl cozie rulers. Those didn’t work I til I found I missed a step with my original method.

Bowl cozies for sale

4. How to be more careful when using a rotary cutter.

Yes, I cut myself. I still have a scar to remind me. Be careful with sharp cutting notions.

5. I also taught myself how to make a Walker caddy!

This was my latest item I learned to sew. I free sewed it after looking at pictures. I made it for my wife who needed to use a Walker from a recent surgery.

What did you learn in 2022?

Feel free to let Steve know, he would be interested in what everyone else learned or attempted to make for the first time in 2022.

In 2023, I hope I can learn to sew a few more new things.

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