Blue this blog post is all about the color blue. #blue


Blue is a primary color, meaning it can’t be created by mixing other colors together. It’s also one of the most commonly used colors in art, design, and advertising.

Blue this blog post is all about the color blue.  #blue

This is another color that I like. I like it when this color is mixed with green.

  1. Sky
  2. Freedom
  3. Inspiration
  4. Sensitivity
  1. Water
  2. Depth
  3. Trust
  4. Loyalty
  5. Faith
  6. Intelligence
  7. Wisdom
  8. Bravery
  9. Journey
  10. Understanding
  11. Calming
  12. Cold
  13. Tranquility
  14. Valor
  15. Courage
  16. Life
  17. Enthusiasm
  18. Blood
  19. Health
  20. Healing
  21. Depression
  22. Sad
  23. Authority
  24. Illegal
  25. Law
  26. Police
  27. Law Enforcement
  28. Security
  29. Royalty

Learn about this color in the Bible.

Interestingly, blue is a relatively rare color in nature, with few animals or plants featuring this hue. One notable exception is the blue morpho butterfly, whose wings feature a stunning iridescent blue color.

Check out dress in blue day!

What does the color this color mean to you?

Feel free to share in the comments.

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