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Finding fabric and sewing notions at a thrift shop

Finding fabric and sewing notions at a thrift shop can be a rewarding and cost-effective way to fuel your sewing projects.

Finding fabric and sewing notions at a thrift shop

Below are some examples of one of the many local thrift shops and their bins with fabric, quilting, thread, notions and more.

Here’s a brief guide on how to do it:

Explore Thrift Shops: Start by locating thrift shops or secondhand stores in your area. You can search online or ask for recommendations from friends and fellow sewers.

Check for Fabric: Once at the thrift shop, head to the section where textiles are usually stored. Look for curtains, bed linens, tablecloths, or clothing items made of interesting fabrics. Be open to different textures and colors.

Inspect Quality: Examine the fabric and sewing notions closely for any flaws, stains, or damage. Keep in mind that you may need to clean or repair it before using it for your sewing projects.

Test Electronics: If it’s an electronic sewing item, test it for correct operation, such as testing a sewing machine or serger. (Other sewing or quilting electronic.) It might be handy to keep thread, fabric and sewing machine needles on hand for this.

Measure and Estimate: Estimate the amount of fabric you’ll need for your project and measure the thrifted fabric to ensure you have enough material. (Sometimes you cannot as they are packaged or sealed in bags).

Consider Clothing Items: Don’t overlook clothing items that could be repurposed. Dresses, skirts, and shirts can be deconstructed to provide fabric for smaller projects.

Explore Notions: Thrift shops often have sewing notions like buttons, zippers, and thread. Check the notions section for any items that might come in handy for your projects.

Bargain Hunt: Thrift shops usually offer items at a fraction of the cost compared to buying new. Don’t hesitate to negotiate prices or look for sales and discounts. Yes, I know most places are firm, but it couldn’t hurt to ask.

Wash and Sanitize: Before using thrifted fabric or notions, wash and sanitize them thoroughly to ensure they are clean and safe for your sewing projects. If I get fabric from a thrift shop, I do wash it.

Get Creative: Be open to unexpected finds and be creative in repurposing items. Old scarves, lace doilies, bandannas or embroidered pieces can add unique touches to your creations.

Support Sustainable Sewing: Thrift shopping for sewing supplies promotes sustainability by reducing waste and reusing materials.

Note: Some older thread could possible be dry rot. Why inspecting the items found carefully.

In conclusion: Thrift shops can be treasure troves for fabric and sewing notions. With a keen eye and a bit of creativity, you can find unique and budget-friendly materials to enhance your sewing projects while contributing to a more sustainable approach to crafting. Sometimes you might need to dig it but my items you don’t want but is included in a bundle.

Sometimes you find sewing treasures in yard sales, garage sales, estate sales and auctions too! Just look! You never know what you’ll find!

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