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First Learned to Sew

First Learned to Sew – I first learned to sew in high school in Home Economics. #HomeEconomics #Sewing

First Learned to Sew

I first learned to sew in high school, taking Home Economics. I actually got to take two years of it in high school and I was even the President of the Future Home Makers of America club my 2nd year. In the Home Economics class, half the year was sewing and the other half was cooking.

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I remember making a pair of shorts, curtains, pillowcases, and scrunchies. I think I even made a t-shirt too. We had scrap fabric in the spare room of the Home Economics room and I would make the scrunchies with this silk newspaper design fabric. I then would sell them to the girls at my school, scrunchies were very popular.

My teacher, Mrs. O’dell, I would show her my stitches and she would always say they were wrong. So I would have to seam rip them out and start over. I remember doing that over and over and being told they were wrong.

I don’t recall what was wrong or why, but I remember finally she would say they were good, but to me, they looked the same as the prior attempts.

The sewing machines, I think they were Singer sewing machines and were the ones built into desks.

But, that was in the mid to late 1990s. I hadn’t touched a sewing machine since then until the pandemic last year. That is where I started sewing face masks. Then later I started sewing other stuff and even attempting to quilt.

Below are some of the items I sew with this list possibly growing.

  1. zipper clutches (zipper pouches)
  2. pocket tissue holders
  3. decorative pillows
  4. fidget marble mazes
  5. Qulting

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