How I learned how to sew

How I learned how to sew – so Steve what got you sewing? In this blog post I share how I learned how to sew. #sewing

How I learned how to sew

How I learned how to sew - so Steve what got you sewing? In this blog post I share how I learned how to sew. #sewing

To sum up how I learned how to sew is very simple.

I learned how to sew in home economics in high school. My teacher, Mrs. Odell, from Fulton High taught me and my fellow classmates.

I actually got to take two years of home economics. Each year half of the year was cooking and the other half the year was sewing.

We had Singer sewing machines. These singers were also in the fold-in desk. I think in high school I made a pair of shorts, a shirt, a pillowcase, a curtain and some scrunchies.

The scrunchies were very popular in high school. We had scrap fabric that we could use to make random things with. The popular one had like a newsprint and was maybe polyester because it was silky. I made a lot of those.

I remember selling each step and then we had a show our teacher the seams. Should I tell me that I had them wrong and I had to rip the seams out with a seam ripper and start all over.

I remember doing this several times for each part of the sewing. Each time they looked exactly the same to me. But after the third one should say OK go to the next step.

I wasn’t really sure what was the difference between each attempted Sewing. Maybe she wanted us to get used to ripping seams out? I’m not sure she never told us.

I would be doing this sewing blog if it wasn’t for knowing how to sew. I am glad that I do and got to learn to sew.

So I very special thank you to Mrs. O’Dell for showing how to sew in high school.

Today, I learn to sew sone of the things I sew by just doing it, also by going Online and seeing the steps or watching various videos.

How did you learn to sew?

Feel free to share how you learn how to sew in the comments below.

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