The purpose of the red ball on a seam ripper

The purpose of the red ball on a seam ripper. #seamripper #redball #sewing

The purpose of the red ball on a seam ripper

The purpose of the red ball on a seam ripper. #seamripper

A seam ripper is a notion used in sewing. But have you ever wondered by they have a red ball on one of the points?

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If so, this blog post will answer that!

When you use the seam ripper to rip out seams, the ball goes down on the project. If you use it with the ball up, point down, it can damage and/or rip the fabric.

That red ball is used to:

  1. Protect the fabric
  2. Allow for a smooth slide through the stitches
  3. Speeds the stitch removing
  4. Allows for a one swipe stitch removal

I could not find why they colored the ball red. Maybe perhaps, as a warning of it being sharp? Not sure! Just one of my theories. If you know, please share in the comments below.

Are there any other uses of this red ball? If so, please also share that in the comments.

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