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Ugly Fabric?

Even ugly fabric or unwanted fabric can be used for something! #uglyfabric

Ugly Fabric?

Even ugly fabric or unwanted fabric can be used for something! #uglyfabric

If you don’t want it seen use it as lining inside! Or maybe as stuffing in a pillow or stuffed animal (use it like polyfil).

Or You can Just use that fabric that’s ugly and show it off like an ugly Christmas sweater.

After all it can be used to sew or quilt many things! Even the scraps of ugly fabric! Or put it in a glass vase!

10 More Things to Sew With Scrap Fabric

10 Things to Sew With Scrap Fabric

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. We all see beauty and ugly differently.

“Ugly fabric” is a subjective term that refers to a textile or material that is considered unattractive or unsightly by an individual or a group of people. The definition of what is considered ugly fabric can vary widely depending on personal taste, cultural context, and fashion trends.

For example, a particular type of fabric or pattern that is considered fashionable and trendy in one era or region may be considered outdated and unattractive in another. Similarly, a pattern or color combination that is popular with some people may be considered unappealing or garish by others.

In general, “ugly fabric” is a term used to describe textiles that do not meet someone’s aesthetic standards or preferences, but there is no objective measure of what makes a fabric inherently ugly.

However, I’ve seen blog posts explaining why buses and trains use ugly fabric in their seats … a person hit a seat with a hammer and dust flew up … so that fabric used in transportation was used to hide dirt!

So Never toss ugly fabric or unwanted fabric, someone will want it and will use it! Hit me up, I’d be glad to use it for something!

Even Lani Longshore posted they like some fabric that is ugly.

Craft Gossip even shared about using ‘Ugly’ Fabric in quilts, along with a video.

Now Sherri Quilts A lot shares about using ugly quilt blocks.

Do you use or like ugly fabric?

Feel free to share in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Ugly Fabric?

  1. Ugly fabric found at yard sales makes for wonderful rag rugs as well as old clothes,sheets,and if you know how to crochet even t shirts and yarn.

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