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Cheap DIY Wall Vinyl Holder

Cheap DIY Wall Vinyl Holder – here is a cheap way to hang up and store your vinyl rolls. #Vinyl #Cricut #DIY

Cheap DIY Wall Vinyl Holder

You don’t need much to do this only two items and a hammer! It is Easy-peasy! Not to mention can be done inexpensively over buying a ready-made wall vinyl holder.

Cheap DIY Wall Vinyl Holder - here is a cheap way to hang up and store your vinyl rolls. #Vinyl #Cricut #DIY

Items Needed!

  1. Cable Clip Nails

These are Amazon Affiliate Links above!

  1. Dollar Tree Wire Dish Rack

Those cable clip nails, they want is usually used when running cable coaxial cable and mounting them to the wall. You use this to secure your rack to the wall. I used 6 of these clips. These clips are cheap, usually 100 for $5 to $6. So that is like 5¢ to 6¢ each.

Cable Clip Nails
Cable Clip Nails

The Dollar Tree has a cheap $1 Dish Rack. But I am not sure of the quality, because I went to a good bit of Dollar Tree’s near me and none of them had any. So the next cheapest would be from At Home and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Dollar Tree Wire Rack (Cheap DIY Wall Vinyl Holder)
Dollar Tree Wire Rack SKU 235350 (Regular Link, Non-Affiliate)
Bed, Bath & Beyond Wire Dish Rack Cheap DIY Wall Vinyl Holder
Bed, Bath & Beyond SKU 45737886 (Regular Link, Non-Affiliate)

Sometimes these racks are called Plate Racks.

Dish Rack from At Home
Dish Rack from At Home
Dish Rack Bed, Bath and Beyond
Dish Rack Bed, Bath and Beyond

Remember prices can vary by location, type and other factors. I got the one from Bed, Beth and Beyond. They only had white at my store. If I waited, I could have saved $1, since At Home was cheaper and similar.

Other names for plate rack, cabinet storage rack, bakeware rack, lid rack, etc.

When I hung up my rack, I made sure that the angle is facing up, so the vinyl can slide down toward the wall, if you have it the other way, it will be facing own and could cause the vinyl to not stay.

Cheap DIY Wall Vinyl Holder - here is a cheap way to hang up and store your vinyl rolls. #Vinyl #Cricut #DIY

I also used a level to help keep it level too. That is optional. My picture is crooked. LOL

If you didn’t want to use these cable clip nails, you could use twine and tie to the rack and hang it up that way. Another option.

Once you hand it up! Put your vinyl on it! After all, that is what it is used for.

The amount of vinyl you can hand on each rack depends on the number of slots and how wide the viny is. Use that to determine how many you need to make.

It’s that easy! And it’s Cheap!

Of course, you could maybe go for a more expensive version of these wire racks, I mean like ones over $7 or more. Why would you, you can use the extra money for more vinyl or accessories to help with the vinyl application.

Again the one above works for those rolled vinyl you have. The flat vinyl, can be curled or rolled. Or maybe you can use a pizza rack, like below. But those can be expensive too.

I need more vinyl to fill my rack up. Once I get more, I may need another rack!

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