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How to add a LED Strip to Your Sewing Machine

How to add a LED Strip to Your Sewing Machine – Add extra bright light to your sewing machine with this LED hack. #LED #LEDHack #SewingHack #LEDStrip

How to add a LED Strip to Your Sewing Machine

It Added an extra light, a very bright light at that. LED lights are often brighter. You can add one of these LED Strips, instead of replacing the built-in light with a LED Bulb.

If you want multi-color, you can use the ones like on TV, but I wouldn’t recommend that I would recommend a plain white light color. That way the multi-color doesn’t affect the look of your project

I am going to show you in a video, how to put this LED Strip on my sewing machine. It might vary based on your sewing machine. I would check to make sure that adhering a LED Light won’t void your warranty either.

My Sewing Machine is a Brother Tough and Strong, Model Number, ST371HD. I call him Brother Stitch.

Unpack and peel off the back to expose the adhesive.

Then apply to where you want to apply the LED Strip. I am not sure if it is with all LED Strips, I was able to trim mine and it still work. Your LED Strip, might not. Check to make sure first!

how to add a LED Strip to your sewing machine before
How to add a LED Strip to your sewing machine before
Sewing Machine Needles

My LED Strip also include 4 Sewing Machine needles. Plus strips to hold the wire of the LED Strip.

how to add a LED Strip to your sewing machine after
How to add a LED Strip to your sewing machine after
The strips to hold the wire of the LED Strip on my sewing machine

I used a few of the strips to hold the wires of the LED Strip in the back of my sewing machine.

It was easy, but the adhesive doesn’t seem too strong with the one I purchased. Mine was USB powered and didn’t come with a plug for it. But I used a battery pack for my video. It is a short video, under 4 minutes.

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I bought the JVJ Sewing Machine LED Light one shown in the Amazon Ad above for $7.99. (at least the price at the time of purchase). Note Amazon Affiliate link is used.

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