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Dress in Blue Day

Dress in Blue Day is an annual event that takes place on the first Friday of March each year. #DressinBlueDay

Dress in Blue Day

It is organized by the Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA), a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting colon cancer. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness about the importance of colon cancer screening and to encourage people to get screened.

Steve Dressed in Blue for Colon Cancer Awareness 2023

During Dress in Blue Day, people are encouraged to wear blue clothing, and organizations are encouraged to decorate their offices, buildings, or websites with blue to show their support. The CCA also provides educational materials and resources to help people learn about colon cancer and how to reduce their risk.

Colon cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the United States, but it is also one of the most preventable. Early detection through screening can help detect colon cancer in its early stages when it is most treatable. Dress in Blue Day is a way to raise awareness about the importance of screening and to encourage people to take action to protect their health.

Dress in blue! Sew or quilt something blue! Show off that blue!

Colors of Colon Cancer Awareness

The color of colon cancer awareness is dark blue. The blue ribbon represents the fight against colon cancer, as well as the hope for a cure. It also symbolizes the sadness and loss that colon cancer patients and their loved ones may experience.

The awareness of colon cancer and the use of the blue ribbon aims to increase the knowledge about the importance of early detection and screening for this disease, which can improve the chances of successful treatment and survival.

It is important to note that other types of cancer may have different awareness colors, and some cancers may share the same color with others.

Future Dates:

  • 2023: March 3, 2023
  • 2024: March 1, 2024
  • 2025: March 7, 2025
  • 2026: March 6, 2026
  • 2027: March 5, 2027
  • 2028: March 3, 2028
  • 2029: March 2, 2029
  • 2030: March 1, 2030

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