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Leave the Sewing to the Women … I think not Cinderella’s mice

Leave the Sewing to the Women … I think not Cinderella’s mice #cinderella #sewing

Leave the Sewing to the Women … I think not Cinderella’s mice

Leave the Sewing to the Women … I think not Cinderella’s mice #cinderella #sewing

In the song the boy mice say “And I can do the sewing!” The girl mice reply. “Leave the sewing to the women.”

Well men can sew too just saying! I’m one of them! But, still a funny scene on Disney’s Cinderella with Jaq and Gus trying to sew.

So Perla and Suzy men can sew too!

Cinderella’s nice on Brother Stitch
Brother Stitch got some stickers
Cinderella’s nice on Brother Stitch

I got these from my wife.

Cinderella’s nice on Brother Stitch

Anyways, it is worth noting that the original Cinderella story was written in a time when gender roles were much more strictly defined, 1950, and it is not uncommon for older stories to reflect outdated social attitudes. However, it is important to approach such stories with a critical eye and to use them as a basis for discussing and challenging harmful stereotypes, rather than accepting them uncritically.

“Cinderella” is a classic animated musical film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released in 1950. The movie is based on the fairy tale of the same name and follows the story of a young girl named Cinderella who is mistreated by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. Despite her difficult circumstances, Cinderella remains kind and optimistic, and dreams of a better life.

With the help of her fairy godmother, Cinderella is able to attend the royal ball and capture the heart of the handsome Prince Charming. However, when the clock strikes midnight, she must flee the palace and leave behind her glass slipper, which becomes the key to her eventual happy ending.

The movie was a critical and commercial success, and is widely regarded as one of Disney’s greatest animated films. It has been re-released several times over the years and has inspired numerous adaptations and spin-offs.

In the “Cinderella” movie, the mice are a group of anthropomorphic characters who befriend and assist Cinderella throughout the story. They include Jaq, Gus, Perla, Suzy, and several others. The mice live in Cinderella’s house and are often the subject of her stepmother’s cruelty.

Jaq is the leader of the mice and is particularly close to Cinderella. He is brave and resourceful, often coming up with plans to help Cinderella and her animal friends. Gus, on the other hand, is a chubby and somewhat clumsy mouse who is often the subject of teasing from the other mice. However, he is also very loyal and brave.

Perla and Suzy are two of the mice characters in the “Cinderella” movie. Perla is a plump gray mouse, while Suzy is a slender white mouse with pink clothing. They are both friends of Cinderella and often seen together in the movie.

Perla is known for her love of food and her sometimes scatterbrained personality. She is also very sweet and caring towards Cinderella, often offering her a sympathetic ear when she is feeling down. Suzy, on the other hand, is very loyal and protective of Cinderella. She is often seen with a sewing needle and thread, as she helps Cinderella with her dressmaking.

In the movie, Perla and Suzy are among the mice who help Cinderella create her beautiful dress for the ball. They also play a crucial role in stealing the key to the room where the glass slipper is kept, which ultimately helps Cinderella find her happy ending. Overall, Perla and Suzy are beloved characters in the movie and are remembered for their sweet personalities and devotion to Cinderella.

Throughout the movie, the mice help Cinderella with various tasks, including making her dress for the ball, sewing her torn dress, and even stealing the key to the room where the glass slipper is kept. They are often the source of comedic relief in the film, but they also play an important role in helping Cinderella achieve her dreams.

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