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Tie One On Day

Tie One On Day This holiday might surprise you on what it is about … the apron. #TieOneOnDay

Tie One On Day

This holiday involves tying on an apron. Just think this holiday is celebrated the day before Thanksgiving, a big cooking holiday.

Tie One On Day This holiday might surprise you on what it is about … the apron. #TieOneOnDay

On this day, you not only give an apron away, but some kind of baked good that will need to be prepared. So the person can tie on the apron and get baking or cooking. Plus, you would add an encouraging note too!

This holiday was created by Author EllynAnne Geisel in 2006 after she wrapped a baked good and encouraging note tin an apron to a hurting neighbor on Thanksgiving Eve.

Geisel was moved by the feeling she had after giving this to her neighbor that she created this holiday.

“Women clad in aprons have traditionally prepared the Thanksgiving meal, and it is within our historical linkage to share our bounty.”

EllynAnne Geisel

The point is Give from the heart on Wednesday and then give thanks on Thursday.

I just want to say that men can wear aprons too!

Names of Jesus Apron - an apron with the names of Jesus on it. #apron Names of Jesus Pot Holder - a handmade pot holder with the names of Jesus on it. #potholder
Steve wearing an apron he sewed

Participation is easy and uplifting!

  • Simply wrap a loaf of bread or baked good in an apron
  • Tuck an encouraging note or prayer into the pocket
  • Present your offering to a neighbor, friend or person in your community who could benefit from your gesture of kindness
  • Tie One On – and put the “give” back into Thanksgiving

Steve just recently learned how to sew an apron!


This holiday is celebrated the day before Thanksgiving since 2006. (Thanksgiving Eve)


  • 2022 – November 23
  • 2023 – November 22
  • 2024 – November 27

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