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Hacks to make your face mask more comfortable

Hacks to make your face mask more comfortable – Here are some hacks and tips that could help make wearing your face mask more comfortable. #facemasks

Hacks to make your face mask more comfortable

Hacks to make your face mask more comfortable - Here are some hacks and tips that could help make wearing your face mask more comfortable. #facemasks

  1. Ear savers (Ear guards)
  2. Bandages
  3. Frog Spit (foggy glasses) or other anti-fog solution for eye glasses
  4. Get a bigger size and/or a custom sized face mask
  1. Straps that go behind the head and neck instead of around the ears
  2. Change the style of face mask
    • Pleated
    • Bandana
    • Neck gaiter
    • Fitted
  3. Use 100% cotton face masks
  4. Headbands with ButtonsSew Big buttons on a head band and put the straps on it

  1. Apply aromatherapy (essential oils)
  2. If it fits too big, crisscross the straps.
  3. Use adjustable straps or longer/short straps based on your fit
  4. Always bring backups (keep spares in your car, bags, etc.)
  5. Adjust as needed, you will have to adjust throughout the day
  6. Practice wearing at home for lengths of time
  7. Drying in a dryer can shrink the cotton face mask, hang dry.

What are other ways you can make your face mask more comfortable wearing?

Feel free to share your tip or hack in the comments below.

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